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How I got started

Hi there! My name is Angie. I have 4 children 3 girls, 1 boy, and 1 husband ;) My first born is my daughter Kayla and she's 23, my second is Jordan the only boy and he's almost 17, Lauren is almost 14 and Julia is 11. I will be married to my wonderful husband going on 19 years this July. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States, Colorado Springs, CO. I grew up in Northern Kentucky. No Kentucky jokes K LOL! So my passion for baking didn't come until a couple years after I got married. I started watching Food Network around 1998 and was becoming enamored with cooking, and it was a great way to learn and when your finances don't quite allow you to go to culinary school.

I do have a confession to make though, when watching these Food Network show's they have all the "fun gadgets" and "things to make your life easier" they used on the show. So around 1999 I got my very first Kitchen Aid mixer :). My mom also gave me a HUGE Good Housekeeping cook book for Christmas that same year. So for some reason I was drawn to make some of the more challanging recipes (for a beginner) like creme brulee, angel food cake and almond lace rolls. Since my husband got me this mixer I felt obligated to use it and try out some new recipes.

So the desserts I tried turned out to be really good. I was making cakes/cupcakes for my families baby showers and birthday parties. I realized that I REALLY enjoyed it! I say this in the "About Me" link on my website, but as I look back I remembered the Easy Bake Oven I got for Christmas one year. Anyone else have one as a kid? So I would make the cakes and cookies from those tiny little packages, but I had a bit of an issue with that. You wanna know why? I had a younger brother and sister. I admit I was a little selfish and didn't want to share my teeney tiny cake with them since it took me basically FOREVER to make and cook that little sucker! I have gotten over that just in case you were wondering. Now making treats is what I would say is my love language. I really do put love into what I do. I enjoy seeing peoples faces when they eat something I created.

In 2008 we felt led to move cross country from Indiana to Colorado. My husband got a job offer and we were up for the adventure. We saw pics of Colorado and were not disappointed by the views! We slowly began to make friends and I was a stay at home mom in the beginning. So what else is there to do when the kids were at school? Well bake of coarse! One of my first tries at making a cake at 7,000 feet were a complete disaster! I made my normal yellow cake like I did many times before in Indiana aka sea level. I was like whaaaaaa? The sides of the cake had risen normally, but the middle well lets just say it was about a quarter of the size as the sides. I had no idea this was an issue. Those of you that live at "sea level" ever see the "high altitude" version on the back of a cake mix? Well there is a reason for it let me assure you. Even though I prefer making a cake from scratch it still has the same effect.

I researched the daylights out of high altitude baking, bought high altitude books and practiced many recipes till I got it right. There really is a science to it. One thing that was interesting is that I found a recipe for cinnamon rolls, and recipes with yeast in them are not effected by the altitude. The first time I made cinnamon rolls was shortly after we moved to Colorado and they turned out amazing. I was actually impressed with how well they turned out. So now I'm finally getting to the "how I got started" part. We had some friends invite us to a bible study and I would always bring my goodies to share. They all kept saying you should sell this stuff. I had thought about it, but it just seemed really intimidating. Well about a year after that bible study was over someone mentioned that there was a Farmers Market that I may be able to sell some of my goodies at. I started to practice several recipes and talked to the director and I was in.

Summer of 2009 my very first Farmers Market with my helpers :) My son towers over me now : /

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